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The hire fleets have sadly dwindled and boatyards have disappeared, the prime riverside land sold off for housing developments and the issues of governance and maintenance of the waterways has raised concerns amongst residents and long term boaters alike, but the holidaymakers still return.

For many, like myself, once the “Broads Bug” bites you’re hooked!

John sadly passed away in July 2010, but the photographs he took of Broadland during the mid to late 1970s are a wonderful legacy to leave and I was honoured to be contacted by Joyce with a view to getting the collection online.

The photograph above shows Norwich Riverside with a coaster moored alongside Boulton and Paul’s on the left with Reads Flour Mills beyond on the right.

The start of the film throws up a bit of a puzzle though as the cruiser from which the film is being shot as they pass through Great Yarmouth is not Ring of Light, which features during the rest of the holiday.In the meantime, I hope you enjoy “The Norfolk Broads – Ring of Light 1969” The popularity of cine cameras grew during the 1960s and there are quite a number of films from this decade on the Broadlkand Memories You Tube Channel.One of the most popular has been this offering from 1962 which includes footage of the road journey from Baslow in Derbyshire.It’s been a little while since I last uploaded a cine film to the Broadland Memories You Tube channel, but the latest addition has been uploaded this morning.Filmed in the early to mid 1960s, this 24 minute offering follows a holiday on board the Herbert Woods motor cruiser and covers both the southern and northern rivers of the Norfolk Broads.

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